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The Addiction Severity Index (ASI) is used to measure the multiple dimensions of substance use for each applicant referred to Peacewerks Center for substance abusetreatment. The Treatment Plan is the ends-result tool used to determine and address deficiencies separating current conditions and desired outcomes and to outline treatment developed with the assigned counselor including appropriate interventions for each problem and constantly monitored for effectiveness. The American Society of Addiction Medicine patient placement criteria (ASAM) is the primary tool used to assist in determining the level of care for each individual seeking


Substance Use Disorder treatment at Peacewerks Center. Peacewerks Center for Well-Being offers 4 ASAM Treatment Levels – Level 0.5 (Early Intervention), OTP – Level 1 (Opioid Treatment Program); Level 1.0 (Outpatient Services); and Level 2.1 (Intensive Outpatient Services). A treatment program recommendation is made based on assessment results and the individual’s level of readiness or commitment. Assessments are also used to measure the patient's level of need and to develop a treatment plan for Anger Management and/or Intimate Partner Violence treatment.

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